no more stained nails?? 💅🏻😯✨(you don’t have to do this) #diynails #nailart #nails #nailtutorial

Having stained nails isn’t a problem, I want to make that clear! 😀 Not everyone cares if their nails are stained and it’s not something that necessarily indicates overall health:) As someone who changes their polish twice a week on average (and whose pinky nail got stained from the Pleasing polish bc I wore a peel off base coat on it) and likes to do negative space nail designs, I’ve noticed this base coat combo really helps to keep my nails less orange than they would be. If you want me to try nail whitening treatments, let me know but I will not sacrifice the health of my nails for that bc it’s not that deep ;P

WHAT I USED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(Some links are affiliates so I can continue to feed my cat, tysm 🫶)

💙 Long Lasting Base from @HoloTaco :

🌸 Smoothing/Ridge Filling Nail Base from @Mooncatofficial :
Getting Even Nail Primer

💗 My Favorite Sheer Pink @cirquecolors : “Chiffon” (use code thegraytergood to save $$):


💅 Amazon nail favs: (aff)

🖌️ Nail Art Brushes: (aff)

💧Drip Ring (code thegraytergood) (aff)

🌸 O&J Cuticle Remover: (aff)

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