Shop the 16 Hottest Jewelry Trends to Sport With All Your Looks This Summer

Summer is your time to shine, especially if you love jewelry. Sure, you might have your favorite year-round pieces, but the hotter months are the best time to mix things up, especially when it comes to what’s new and next in terms of summer 2023 jewelry trends.

Whether you have subtler tastes or favor bold pieces, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this summer’s most sizzling jewelry trends. Wear a ring that dances as much as you do on hot summer nights in your cocktail dress, or pair bright, colorful gemstones with a summer wedding look. However you choose to wear your jewelry, these trends will always fit the vibe.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, see what to shop for the season below.


beaded jewelry

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Beaded jewelry is always hot in the summer, but make the trend your own by choosing something off the *beaded* path. Whether you go cute and personalized or luxurious (read: turquoise and diamond beads), these beaded pieces will bring the perfect vibe to any summer shindig. “So precious yet unpretentious, the beaded jewelry trend is back and is ever popular with millennials and Gen Zs alike,” says MATEO designer, Matthew Harris. “Nothing says summer like a colored strand around the neck or anklet while one parades on the beach of your favorite summer destination. I am from Jamaica, so just wearing an anklet is like a rite of passage for me. I never leave home without one!”

Iridescent Bead x Freshwater Pearl Necklace

A Sinner in Pearls Iridescent Bead x Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Credit: Courtesy

Turquoise Roundel and Diamond Station Bracelet

Mateo Turquoise Roundel and Diamond Station Bracelet
Credit: Courtesy

Custom Lucky You Choker

Frasier Sterling Custom Lucky You Choker
Credit: Courtesy

Moving Rings

moving rings


One of my favorite jewelry trends is movement, particularly moving rings. They shake and shimmer with you and are bound to catch the light in a special moment. “We think of the summer season as the height of being bold and on the go,” said the mother-daughter design duo behind Monbouquette, Jenny and Lily Monbouquette. “The reversible and transformative elements of moving jewelry lend themselves to effortless versatility, not to mention, they are fun to fidget with too.”

Reversible Coin Ring

Monbouquette Reversible Coin Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Aztec Rain Ring in Tanzanite

Christina Magdolna Aztec Rain Ring in Tanzanite
Credit: Courtesy

Emily Ring in Tsavorite

Type Jewelry Emily Ring in Tsavorite
Credit: Courtesy

Unusual Cuts and Shapes

unusual cuts

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For those who don’t follow conventions, go for something unique. Unusual cuts in gemstones and metal offer luxury that’s anything but boring. “Poppy colors and shapes that provoke sentiments, like hearts, are great for a fun summer vibe,” said designer Millie Savage. “If you’re going to spend big money on something, it should be versatile enough to wear all your life.”

Coral Scatter Band

Millie Savage Coral Scatter Band
Credit: Courtesy

The Green Shape Necklace

VEERT The Green Shape Necklace
Credit: Courtesy

Zaha Curve Ring With Half-Moon

Shahla Karimi Zaha Curve Ring With Half-Moon
Credit: Courtesy

Mixed Metals

mixed metals

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If you’re someone who hates choosing between yellow or white gold, why not wear both? Mixing metals can be an art if done with intention. You can wear one piece that incorporates multiple metals or mix and match your favorite staples. My favorite way to mix is with dainty rings.

Aquila Ring Yellow & White Gold

Maor Aquila Ring Yellow & White Gold
Credit: Courtesy

Oval Link Chain Bracelet

David Yurman Oval Link Chain Bracelet
Credit: Courtesy

Trilogy Wave Stack

Jovana Djuric Trilogy Wave Stack
Credit: Courtesy



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Bangles have been on the runways for a few seasons, but it’s finally time to make the trend your own. Jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar, has become known for the bangles he’s created over the past 30 years. “There’s something playful about a bangle. They have always been a way to message individuality,” Bittar said. “One of the things I love is how, by stacking them together, you can create sculptural form. Stacking different shapes, layering color creates your own mini sculpture.”

Samara Bangle

Aureum Collective Samara Bangle
Credit: Courtesy

Large Molten Lucite Hinge Bracelet

Alexis Bittar Large Molten Lucite Hinge Bracelet
Credit: Courtesy

Large Ripple Cuff

Elizabeth Hooper Large Ripple Cuff
Credit: Courtesy

Chunky Rings

chunky rings

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When you think of chunky rings, your mind probably goes to the coolest person you know. If it doesn’t, you need to meet more people! Chunky rings are unapologetic and fearless, even inconvenient, but in a way that tells the world you don’t care as long as you’ve got your gorgeous hand candy. Jamie Books, founder and designer of Mason & Books, knows that when it comes to jewelry, the bigger the better: “Chunky gems and bright colors lead to an even more individualized form of expression when you wear them!”

Layer Cake Ring OOAK #2

Mason & Books Layer Cake Ring OOAK #2
Credit: Courtesy

Sexy Sunset Ring

La Manso Sexy Sunset Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Fluid Ring Ocean

FVermeulen Fluid Ring Ocean

Now 17% Off

Credit: Courtesy



Getty Images

Chains can be as subtle or bold as you want them to be, so they’re a perfect foundation for any foray into jewelry. “Chains act as a base for you to begin collecting interesting and meaningful charms over time,” said Jennifer Koche, designer of Storrow. “Dainty necklaces were very popular for some time, but the trend has definitely evolved to favor heavier link chains. Mixing different chain weights and lengths gives dimension to a stack of necklaces.”

14K Gold Oscar Chain Bracelet

Storrow 14K Gold Oscar Chain Bracelet
Credit: Courtesy

Baguette and Triangle Diamond Chain Wrap Earring

Maria Tash Baguette and Triangle Diamond Chain Wrap Earring
Credit: Courtesy

Whitney Gemstone Heart Choker

F&H Whitney Gemstone Heart Choker
Credit: Courtesy

Pinky Rings

pinky ring

Getty Images

Pinky rings are the ultimate cool accessory. Whether it’s a statement or an everyday staple, they give off a vibe unlike any other. “Pinky rings are the ultimate statement piece because they make such an impact by themselves,” said designer and founder of Boochier, Melinda Zeman. “I always tell my clients that you can be dressed in the most casual clothes, yet add a pinky ring and it’s a total transformation in the energy you’re giving!”

Sparkle Mini Signet Ring

Stone & Strand Sparkle Mini Signet Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Fruit Hoops Ring

Boochier Fruit Hoops Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Universum Pinky Ring

Almasika Universum Pinky Ring
Credit: Courtesy


maximalist jewelry

Getty Images

Calling all Samantha Jones stans: This summer, you’ll want to channel the sassy, bold character. “Drab and minimal design is dying,” said Uniform Objects designer, David Farrugia. “To me, summer jewelry is sexy and fun. For fine jewelry, the contrast between minimal silhouettes with super maximalist and bright gemstones is what makes something interesting but still timeless.”

Butterfly Ring

Jullieth Dussan Butterfly Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Fishbone Earrings

Nak Armstrong Fishbone Earrings
Credit: Courtesy

Fire Opal Ring

Uniform Object Fire Opal Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings

Getty Images

Want in on a trend that’ll always be timeless? Go for big hoop earrings that’ll highlight your best features. “I see my tribe bringing back the big, disco shaker hoops this summer,” says designer, Jacquie Aiche, who’s never been one to follow trends. “I design everything based on feeling. The luminous gold discs catch the light just right.”

Medium Bubble Tube Hoops

Paula Mendoza Medium Bubble Tube Hoops
Credit: Courtesy

Small Lenox Hoop

Melissa Kaye Small Lenox Hoop
Credit: Courtesy

Sophia Shaker Hoops

Jacquie Aiche Sophia Shaker Hoops
Credit: Courtesy

Punk and Rebellion


Getty Images

Brands have been polarizing their aesthetics between super punk and super sweet for a few seasons now. Maybe my sweet era is coming, but I believe everyone should have a soft goth era (mine was jump-started by a Twelve tooth necklace). Why not embark on that journey during the summer? Go against the grain and embrace your dark side in the brightest season there is.

Skull Eternity Band

Anthony Lent Skull Eternity Band
Credit: Courtesy

June 3.0 Necklace

Twelve June 3.0 Necklace
Credit: Courtesy

Signet Ring

Memento Mori Signet Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Colorful Gemstones

colorful gemstones

Getty Images

Clear stones and crystals have their day in the winter. Summer is all about bright, lively colors to catch perfectly in the sun. “Color allows jewelry to be playful, and can take you from day to night in an easy and effortless way,” said the designers behind Sorellina, Kim and Nicole Carosella. “The combination of opaque stones with translucent ones can really make a piece pop, like the juxtaposition of serene turquoise against bright pink gems. Summer is the perfect time of year to start introducing hints of color and bring a bit of life into your wardrobe.”

Mini Crescent Moon Inlay Pendant

Sorellina Mini Crescent Moon Inlay Pendant
Credit: Courtesy

Anna Earring

Emily P. Wheeler Anna Earring
Credit: Courtesy

Mini Light Blue Topaz Ring

Anissa Kermiche Mini Light Blue Topaz Ring
Credit: Courtesy



Getty Images

The 2010s called, and they said charms are back in! If you had a Tiffany charm bracelet, or in my case a Twilight dupe, this trend is for you. Stack them on a bracelet, necklace, or even earrings and display what’s most important to you in a fun and flirty way. “Just the notion of wearing a charm lends itself to a more relaxed, playful mood,” said Jenna Blake Grosfeld, founder and designer of her eponymous jewelry brand. “Charms typically have a personal story behind them, connected to a certain place and time. Because of this sentimental component, they are almost guaranteed to never go out of style.”

The Stingy Jelly Charm

Oni The Stingy Jelly Charm
Credit: Courtesy

Mariner Link Charm with Diamond Bale and Coral Stone

Jenna Blake Mariner Link Charm with Diamond Bale and Coral Stone
Credit: Courtesy

Lock'in Strength Charm

L’Atelier Nawbar Lock’in Strength Charm
Credit: Courtesy



Getty Images

Any Y2K bestie knows that enamel is in for summer 2023. “I think the explosion of fine jewelers using lacquer and cold enamel has been driven by its adaptability, versatility, and durability,” designer Francesca Villa shared. “Enamel allows jewelers to add color in a bigger and bolder way, adding the pop, vitality, and energy customers have been craving.”

Rose Gold Ring

Francesca Villa Rose Gold Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Long Wave Earrings

Bea Bongiasca Long Wave Earrings
Credit: Courtesy

Heart Huggie Earring

BONBONWHIMS Heart Huggie Earring
Credit: Courtesy



Getty Images

Scarabs (a.k.a. beetles) aren’t so much a trend as they are a centuries-old jewelry staple. That being said, they’re becoming way more popular this season with designer shows inspired by Egyptian culture. I finally got my hands on a vintage scarab bracelet, but if you want something new, these brands have you covered. “With the 100th anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, Egyptian-inspired designs are experiencing yet another revival,” shared Lauren Harwell Godfrey, founder and designer of Harwell Godfrey. “My take on the scarab is a modern, colorful take on this age-old symbol of rebirth and renewal.”

Mini Scarab Malachite Stud

Bibi van der Velden Mini Scarab Malachite Stud
Credit: Courtesy

Scarab Signet Ring

Pamela Love Scarab Signet Ring
Credit: Courtesy

Scarab Pendant Lemon Quartz

Harwell Godfrey Scarab Pendant Lemon Quartz
Credit: Courtesy

“Natural” Materials

natural materials

Getty Images

If you want to go more bohemian-chic this summer (note we said chic), there are plenty of jewelry options featuring “natural” materials to choose from. From wood and stones to a special, vegan-approved ivory by Gerda Goosen, stay connected with the earth through your jewelry.

The Jack Sedimentary Necklace

The One I Love The Jack Sedimentary Necklace
Credit: Courtesy

Acacia Amazonite Earrings

Lizzie Fortunato Acacia Amazonite Earrings
Credit: Courtesy

Black, Zebra & Faux Ivory Blocking Ring

Gerda Goosen Black, Zebra & Faux Ivory Blocking Ring
Credit: Courtesy

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