Waking Up With Tia Mowry

What’s the first thing a TV icon and multi-company owner does when she wakes up? It’s not checking in with her millions of followers on social media or launching into her inbox. Actress, author, and entrepreneur Tia Mowry starts her day by taking a solo moment to set her intentions.

“I wear so many different hats, so it’s really important to set boundaries to rest and reset,” says Mowry, who uses the hashtag #selfcareisntselfish on her social posts about beauty and wellness. “I used to be the person who would just get up and hit the ground running, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve really understood the power of setting your intentions.”

This sense of purpose is also the foundation of her newest venture as co-owner and founder of 4U by Tia, a hair care brand designed specifically for all curl textures. “We named the brand ‘4U’ because everyone deserves access to clean, high-performing curl care,” says Mowry, whose products are all priced at $11 or less.

4u by tia

4U by Tia

The brand offers eight products formulated with a patented molecule called Hemi15, a natural alternative to silicone that protects and defines curls. Made from sustainable sugarcane, “it helps seal in moisture and nourishes curls from root to tip,” says Mowry. “As a mom, I’m all about turning a bottle around and reading the ingredients, so I am so fascinated by and excited about the natural and sustainable ingredients in my formulas.”

Here, Mowry shares her morning, which includes practicing mediation, listening to mood-boosting music, and doing a simple yet effective hair routine using 4U by Tia products.

Wake Up and Meditate

“My alarm is my daughter and she wakes up every morning at 7 o’clock with, ‘Mommy, come to my room!’ I’ll tell her: ‘Mommy will be there in a bit!’ because before I go see her, I take a moment for myself. The first thing I do is meditate for five to ten minutes; sometimes it’s guided, depending on if I’m dealing with anxiety or having some sort of stress. I will also listen to binaural beats, which focus on brain wave activity to help you feel uplifted or energized. But also, it’s okay if there are some days that I can’t do these things. I want to be authentic about that. Then I go get in some time with my son and daughter before they head to school.”

4u by tia

4U by Tia

Check Emails and Work Out

“Once my daughter is off to school, I’ll look at my emails and check in with my team at 4U by Tia. I’m not a breakfast person, but I’ll have an oat milk latte or tea for a little brain boost. I’m into music so I love to set my mood in the morning with Tibetan bowls or jazz music. After that is when I get in my workout. Exercise is part of my mental health routine and I like to switch it up. I’ll work out at home or go to a dance-based class.”

Shower and Rejuvenate

“I keep a eucalyptus branch in my shower—I love scents and it really helps me feel rejuvenated. For my hair, I do a deep cleanse once or twice a week and wear a bonnet at night. In my new line, I have this amazing build-up-removing shampoo, 4U by Tia Clarifying Shampoo, which contains apple cider vinegar and sea moss extracts. I’ll use it with a scalp massage tool to help with circulation. It gets rid of impurities left from products I’ve used during the week—when you’re in the entertainment industry, you’re constantly getting your hair done. I follow that with the 4U by Tia Moisturizing Conditioner, which is one of my absolute favorite products because it helps detangle. It has watermelon extract, hibiscus oil, and, of course, Hemi15.”

4u by tia

4U by Tia

Dry and Style Curls

“After washing, I use the 4U by Tia Leave-in Curl Cream, which I can’t live without. I like to apply it on wet hair because it really holds the product and helps shape the curl that way, but it can be used on dry strands too. I follow it up with the 4U by Tia Curl Defining Gel. It has aloe vera, flaxseed, and Hemi 15. You can touch and scrunch your hair without having any flakes. What I also love about this gel is that once my hair has dried—whether I’ve diffused it or air dried it—and I just want to, let’s say, put it in a high pineapple style in the evening before going out, it’s not going to frizz or lose its curl cast. It’s strong, but it gives you a natural look. A few times a week, I also use the 4U by Tia Multiuse Hair Oil on my ends before I diffuse so that they stay healthy.”

4u by tia

4U by Tia
4u by tia

4U by Tia

Do My Skin Care Routine and Apply Makeup

“I like to wash my face with a gentle, milky cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. I follow it up with a creamy moisturizer on my face, neck, and hands.

For makeup, I love a multi-tasking pigment that I can use on my eyelids, cheeks, and lips. I’ll also use concealer under my eyes and to blot out blemishes and then fill in my brows.”

4u by tia

4U by Tia

Pack Up and Head Out of the Door

“When I’m getting my bag ready for the day, I definitely throw in the 4U by Tia Curl Refresher Mist. You can use it on any type of hairstyle—curly, twists, braids—and it has a nice smell. I love when you hug somebody and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, your hair smells so good!.’ It’s another mood booster.”

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