Removing 11 Week Old Nails | E-file Prep Tutorial

Hiya DuckToday I am going to show you our Electric File bits and some tools and I’m going to prep these nails to demonstrate them. The complete pro collection will get you all of our bits except the Mandrel Bit, which you can buy sepereately. You can buy these tools in various kits and all separately and you can get the box on it’s own too, so you can create your perfect kit, and get extras so you can always have a clean bit.

It’s been a whole 11 weeks since I’ve seen Morgan – we’ve neglected each other – so she basically doesn’t have any acrylic on. Apparently she bit them off 😲! So we only have 2 tiny bits of Acrylic left to take off.

I’ll go right in with my Debulk Bit, on a slower speed, 25 thousand RPM. I’m going to pinch the sides away, and rest my right hand on the left fingers and have my forearm resting on the desk to really stabilise myself. I’m going to use the finer end of the Debulk bit and stay clear of the natural nail with this bit, it’s too harsh for that. For the main portion of the nail, I’ll use the thicker (higher grit) section of the bit. I’m going to show you the Ceramic bits too, which can be used in both directions, unlike the Debulk bit. The Purple Ceramic bit can remove the bulk and gel polish really easier and the Pink Ceramic bit is medium bit so can be used to remove the gel polish really easily and you can get closer to the natural nail safely, bit still don’t touch the natural nail.

With the bulk of the product off, I’m going to soak the rest off and I’ll prep the rest of the nails whilst I wait.

I’m going to prep these cuticles with the file bits, starting with the pointy cuticle bit, rotating away and this will remove that nonliving tissue and push the cuticle back. You can use a cuticle pusher first if you’re nervous. My file has the butt of the bit towards the nail and is held quite flat. I’m then going to skip round the proximal fold with the proximal fold bit to exfoliate the white sections and any callouses. I’ll then get my curved cuticle scissors and remove any extra white bits but don’t touch anything with colour, that has a blood supply. I’m then going to use my Mandrel bit and a fine sanding band to just skip over that natural nail and gently remove the shine from the nail. You can also use a 240 grit hand file.

When removing the rest of the acrylic, I’m going to file with a 100 Grit hand file because Morgan has some damage, I’ll then do the rest of the prep as I did before.

I hope you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, comment and all that shebang.

T’rah Duck

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