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Trending TikTok Beauty HACKS | Do They Stay or Go?

Okay, I’m obsessed with TikTok! And I’m loving all of these hacks and tricks that are all over there. But some are definitely questionable. I’m looking at the top trending beauty hacks on TikTok and deciding do they stay, or do they go? And I’m bringing professional makeup artist Patty Carrillo to help me dive deeper into these.

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Okay, we are diving into all of the TikTok beauty trends, TikTok beauty hacks, TikTok makeup trends, TikTok skincare trends, basically all of the 2022 TikTok trends all you beauty queens are showing off. So if you’re looking for makeup hacks and trends, skin care hacks and trends, beauty trends and hacks, you may learn something from this video!

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