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Listen to This 60-Second Message From Alicia Keys For an Instant Emotional Boost

Here’s a pep talk to add to your saved folder. For #soulcaresunday this week, musician and entrepreneur Alicia Keys shared an inspiring, supportive message on Instagram. She captioned it, “In case you needed to hear this . . .” and went on to provide some words of encouragement for anyone who is feeling down.

She begins the video with, “You are stronger than you know. You are like so incredible.” Keys says that she wants you to know how unique and valued you are and goes on to say, “You are one of one. There’s nobody like you anywhere in the world. There’s nobody that thinks like you, nobody that feels like you, nobody that has to offer what you have to offer.”

Keys says she wants you to remember this, so even when life is throwing you some tough “tests” and it feels like the “twists and turns” are never going to stop, keep telling yourself, “You are stronger than you know, and you are so special and uniquely you. So don’t give up.” She also encourages viewers to keep going, because: “You have something to bring to the world that is deeply needed.”

Fans appreciated this positive message. One wrote in the comments, “Thank you thank you thank you for this.” Another person said, “Thank you sis I needed to hear that.” That pretty much sums up how many of us feel right now. Hopefully this “little piece of peace,” as Keys calls it, will uplift you this week.

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