TikTok’s Viral Fleece-Lined Tights Might Be the Only Winter Essential You Need

Is it just me, or does any desire to dress up go out the window once winter arrives? Sure, I love to wear a sweater dress and boots as much as the next trendsetter—but when it’s so cold that I feel like I’m living in the tundra, ditching pants seems like a bad idea. More times than not, I stick to the same jeans and parka combo. (Comfy? Yes. Appropriate for fancier events? Not really.) Leave it to TikTok to find the perfect solution: fleece-lined tights.

In case you haven’t seen this cold-weather essential on your FYP yet, let me break it down for you. At first glance, they look like a regular pair of black sheer tights—with a slightly transparent finish and fleshy undertones. What makes them extra special, however, is that these trompe l’oeil leggings are actually opaque, and lined with a super soft fleece that will keep you warm all winter long. In fact, unless you own a pair of fleece-lined pants, these tights might be warmer than your go-to jeans.

Of course, there’s a lot more to these tights than their fleece lining. The elastic waistband offers a second skin-like fit, and they also come in two silhouettes—footed and stirrup—so you’re bound to find a pair that’s both comfy and cozy. Not to mention, you can snag some for around $25. And when you think about how much you’ll use these tights this winter, it’s a no-brainer. (We’d love to see a more shade-inclusive range in these tights soon, though!)

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