Machine Steams Off Gel Nail Polish Without Damage | Beauty Or Bust

Gel manicures, while super long-lasting, are notoriously hard to remove. And the process isn’t just time-consuming, it also involves multiple products. But the Gel Nail Steamer, a machine that steams acetone to peel the gel polish off, just might speed up and simplify the process.
Producer Nico Reyes tests the steamer out on how well it removes gel polish, how quickly it removes the polish, and if the machine is less damaging on her nails than her normal gel-removal process to see if it’s worth $46.

Products used in this video:
Gel Nail Steamer Machine, $46.90
Kiara Sky Gel Nail Polish in Allure, $12.99
Kiara Sky Gel Base Coat, $12.99
Kiara Sky Gel Non Wipe Top Coat, $12.99
Bess & Color Polish in Zissou Blue, $16
Zissou Blue | Nail Polish
Kiara Sky Dip Powder in New Yolk City, $14.99
Edealing Professional Nail File, $3.99

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Machine Steams Off Gel Nail Polish Without Damage | Beauty Or Bust

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