These Jeans Are More Comfortable than My Workout Sweats

I fell in love with my Liverpool jeans on a random Thursday. I dropped my daughter off at school, did Pilates, and went straight to my desk after getting home. It was about three hours into work that I had that moment of, “Oh, hm, I’m still in my workout clothes…” It’s a 50/50 split as to how often I’ll properly change versus staying in my gym togs, but with a brand-new pair of jeans adding some temptation to the equation, it was a day for the former—and that is how I came to be standing in my closet, shocked and amazed that the pair of jeans I’d pulled on were actually comfier than the stretchy yoga sweats I’d been wearing all morning.

Some background: I am a denim devotee. I own a lot of jeans and have never, ever understood the camp that thinks they’re uncomfortable (I wore them regularly throughout the early days of quarantine in 2020, confused at why that would impress colleagues or friends who insisted they’d only been in sweatpants for months—they’re just jeans, guys).

I have stretchy skinny pairs and thick vintage-inspired pairs; I have jeans I regularly reach for on long car rides and others that I’ll suffer through for style, fully aware they’ll actually be uncomfortable part of the time. You name the situation, I have denim for it.



As such, I came to my Liverpool crop flares (the “Hannah”) as both a bit of a category expert and a snob—and I pretty much fell in love from the moment I pulled them on. Rough or rigid material will never be as apparent as when replacing something as soft as yoga pants, and I was amazed to think the jeans actually felt better than my leggings.

Instead of that regretful tinge of wishing I’d stayed in my workout wear, I was thrilled to be in jeans. It wasn’t just that I felt more officially ready for the day (real clothes are always good for that), but how great they felt: like a glove but without the tightness that usually comes with new jeans. I could bend and sit and stretch as if I’d already been wearing them for hours, but the silhouette was fresh-from-the-laundry. (I give credit to the Hannah’s composition of cotton, lyocell, elastane and polyester.)

Other items on the pro list: the color, a perfectly washed-out black; a crop flare that flutes over the ankle bone but doesn’t approach bell-bottom territory; and a frayed hem that feels realistic, not manufactured. These are the sort of small factors and details that go into making a great pair of jeans (or ruin an otherwise acceptable pair), and I’m happy to report that Liverpool delivered on all fronts.

The price tag can’t be ignored either—and clocking in under $100 keeps them more budget-friendly than some of the pricier pairs in my collection. The brand itself, too, is designed to make us feel good — it has eco-consciousness at the forefront and even signed the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, a group that aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

All in all, they’re a winner and a new rotational favorite.

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